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Practice is the best teacher.

He, who from a theoretical position, insists that a telephone operator should handle a bombthreat calmly and at the same time retreave the necessary information, must prepare that telephone operator in practice.

He, who buys an expensive anti-shoplifting system, must be aware that it is the shop staff that has to respond to it.

How do you ensure that staff keep calm during a armed robbery and see more than the barrel of the gun?

Well trained first responders are a nessesity in every organization, but which organization translates the theoratical to the practical company situation?

SeConsult prefers to train on-site within your organization. This provides the necessary daily practical examples. To ensure individual guidance, a maximum group size of twelve persons is maintained.

For a presentation, group sizes have no limitation. Of course all course members receive adequate material and a personal certificate.

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